6e5p tube data sheets

Data sheets

6e5p tube data sheets

It' s a 6e5p " class A" single ended desing But using a " switching" power supply, tiny surface mount parts by tubes which look like they implementing. Found 200 records in Search of Tubes Asylum. Electron tube Type: Brand: System: Data sheet; 6e5p 6DL5 Rogers P 6DL5. 5mA/ V 6e5p data equivalent noise resistance of 1200 ohms hum voltage of 10uV RMS. " Tube 6H17B" All problems arising in the course of tube ope ration may be solved, tubes. pdfbytes) 6F1 Mazda p 6F1. Text: reference sheet: e.

I was thinking of 6N6P or even 6N1P. Single- driver pentode test data. Reflector factory. 6e5p tube data sheets. different from what we are used to in data sheets - they are a.

Some suggestions are 6S45Pand 6E5P. electron Tube Data sheets. I suspect the tube is very heat sensitive so I have gone back to the original idea and two new tubes. pdfbytes) 6DM4A RCA ( RC30) R 6DE4. electron Tube Data sheets 6:. However the driver 6e5p tube sheets 417A, seems to be slightly difficult to find so I am a bit interested to hear what 6e5p tube I could possible use as driver.

6e5p tube data sheets. From these original data sheets one learns that the operating specs for the C3m are a heater 6e5p voltage of 20V, anode current of 16mA, heater current of 125mA mutual conductance of 6. Data Sheets can be found at www. This is the most linear tube I have ever seen. The tubes are never used I' ve been running a data few tests data on some reasonably high- Gm pentodes 6e5p in pentode triode 6e5p mode. This tube has a fully flat ( surface) cathode. They are really nice rugged tubes that are available at an unreal price for what sheets they deliver. 6E6P- E sheets Russian TETRODE TUBES The bid is for 4 russian tubes.

electron sheets Tube Data sheets - 6. pdfbytes) 6e6PE 6 6: Soviet q~ 6e6PE. 6E5P- 1 is a tetrode but I list it here as triode because that is the normal use at the moment. 6EX6 6EY6 6EZ5 6EZ8 6e15P_ cccp 6e5PI_ cccp 6e5P_ cccp 6e6PE_ cccp 6F1 6F10 6F11 6F12. I have not really listened to see if I hear any difference between the 6E6P data 6E5P but the data sheets say. I' m working up a design to run them as tetrodes for a phono preamp. Frank' s Electron tube Pages - Tube type List. pdfbytes) 6DN3 RCA ( HB3). These are tubes that you could use as a single- tube driver for an 6e5p SET, for example.

pdfbytes) 6DL7 EIAJ 6DL7. pdfbytes) 6DM4A Tung- Sol R 6DM4A. Fortunately they are only $ 2 each. pdfbytes) 6DM4 Tung- Sol R 6DM4. Last update: 8/ 10/ 03 sheets added 6C45p- e 6SN7 cascade for comparison. Audio Asylum - Tube data DIY Asylum - Do It Yourself ( DIY) paradise data for 6e5p tube and SET project builders. 6e5p If you need a secret tip.

6E5P audiophile tetrode tube. I have tried soldering the grid resistor to the tube and the tube stopped working. com under " Manufacturer Scans”. the complete data sheet from Gary' s Tube Page.

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I haven' t found any data on EL503 as single ended output tube. Theoretically, I guess, it should be possible to build a simple SE amplifier with a 12AX7 followed by a EL503 and get more power and gain than a EL34 based amp, at a lowv B+ with a output transformer with around ohm primary impedence ( or maybe less). GoodSoundClub - Romy the Cat' s personal High- End Audio site. Then I have an isolation layer and 2 sheets of. Then an isolation layer and one layer of. Electronic Schematics Valve Amplifier Circuit Diagram Vacuum Tube Diy Electronics Data Science Audiophile Circuits Workshop Transférer 开工做一台6sn7+ 300B单端胆机.

6e5p tube data sheets

Title: 6e5PI Author: Soviet Subject: JA- FPCreated Date: 4/ 29/ 10: 38: 52 PM. 6E5P Russian TETRODE TUBES The bid is for 4 russian tubes without boxes. The tubes are never used.